Feeding Caracas

I am a comparative psychologist and am currently employed as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge and am a member of the Comparative Cognition Lab.

My work focuses on different aspects of how we and other non-human animals interact with others, especially in cooperative situations. Particularly, I am interested in social interactions in which individuals might not only respond to each others’ behaviours but also take into account what others might believe or want.


Lisbon on my PhD thesis

My PhD research, supervised by Nicky Clayton, aimed to challenge the view held by many animal cognition researchers that ‘physical cognition’ and ‘social cognition’ necessarily rely on different cognitive mechanisms. My thesis explored the extent to which common cognitive processes might be involved when humans and non-human animals (using Eurasian jays and domestic dogs as model species) learn and reason about the physical world and other social agents.