25 May 2018: We’re ‘conferencing’ at the DuCog 2018


19 April 2018: Just been awarded an ASAB Research Grant to study Alpine choughs’ interactions with humans in the amazing Chamonix valley!

15 March 2018: Katharina’s new paper on video playback in caching experiments  has just been published in PeerJ!


Caching Eurasian jays being observed by a conspecific


17 January 2018: Thanks to the Returning Carers Scheme provided by the University of Cambridge, I am currently visiting Dr. Anne Delestrade from CREA Mont-Blanc to learn and help out with catching and ringing Alpine choughs





24 April 2017: Katharina has submitted her PhD thesis! Congratulations!

Katharina's submission 24 April 2017


January 2017: Our study showing that jays’ cache-protection strategies take into account an observer’s current desire was published in Current Biology today. Link to the full-tex



April 2016: “The Genius of Birds’ by Jennifer Ackerman

genius of birds

In her new book on avian cognition, Jennifer Ackerman writes about my research regarding the male Eurasian jay’s ability to cater for his female partner’s desire when sharing food with her.



26 March 2014: Our new study on food-sharing in Eurasian jays has been published in Biology Letters.

Male Eurasian jays know that their female partners’ desires can differ from their own – See more at:


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