Research Team

Rachel Crosby, PhD student (co-supervised with Nicky Clayton)

“I am interested in the desire state attribution abiliRachelties of birds and humans. To investigate this I am looking at how individuals react consciously and unconsciously to changes in others’ desire states.”



Piero Amodio, PhD student (co-supervised with Nicky Clayton)


“My PhD research aims at investigating the potentials of convergent cognitive evolution between corvids and cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish and squids). I use similar experimental paradigms to test sophisticated cognition (tool use, future planning, social cognition) in these large brained but dramatically different taxa.”


Ben Farrar, PhD student (co-supervised with Nicky Clayton)



” I am interested in egocentric biases in theory of mind. My research examines the conditions that lead to egocentric biases in humans, the mechanisms of such biases, and whether or not jays are susceptible to these biases in conceptually similar tasks.”


Tea Jermaniš, internship student

I’m in my final BSc year of general psychology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Rijeka, Croatia. My interests are mainly in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, but also experimental psychology in general which makes me open minded and interested in all psychology fields. During my time of study, I had some experience in different fields of research (cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, social psychology, psychology of personality), but I still feel I have to gain more knowledge. I’m motivated to learn and I hope to conduct more research during my next years of study. “

Krešimir Đurđević, internship student



Currently enrolled in the Undergraduate Psychology Programme, University of Rijeka, Croatia. My interests involve experimental research within the cognitive sciences. Previous involvements include theory of mind and animal behaviour research.”



Past Team Members:

Past PhD students:

Katharina Brecht (co-supervised with Nicky Clayton)


During her PhD, Katharina investigated whether corvids exhibit a sensitivity to cues that are thought to present precursors of Theory of Mind in humans: biological motion, eye gaze, desires.

Katharina successfully completed her PhD in May 2017 and is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Nieder Lab at the University of Tübingen.


Past Masters Students

Yvette Kalaba (University of Rijeka, external MSc supervisor)

Past Internship Students:                                               Past Part II students:

Nadine Beck                                                                      Oliver Berry

Alice Bridges                                                                     Emily Curtis-Harper

Rosie Bryce                                                                        Sioned French

Chantal Deininger                                                            Anna Hughes

Arne Dits                                                                            Jennifer Mittens-Berry

David Hardecker                                                             Joanna Shahvisi

Katrin Herzhauser                                                     IMG_9757

Jolle Jolles

Florian Lange

Maria Poujai

Patricia Ribeiro

Michelle Spierings

Yichao Yu

Adina Wagner


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